Implant Based Reconstruction

The following images are from actual patients treated by Dr. Elisabeth Potter who have undergone Implant Based Breast Reconstruction.

This patient, a 50 year old female with previous cosmetic breast implants, was diagnosed with right breast cancer as well as a genetic susceptibility to breast cancer. She underwent bilateral mastectomies – nipple-sparing on the left breast but not on the right – with tissue expander placement. Her expanders were then exchanged for implants.

Diagnosed with left breast cancer, this 38 year old patient underwent bilateral non-nipple sparing mastectomies and tissue expander placement. Her tissue expanders were later exchanged for silicone implants. She completed her reconstruction with 3-D nipple tattoos.

This patient, diagnosed with left breast invasive ductal carcinoma at age 42, underwent bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomies with tissue expander placement. She later underwent bilateral PAP (profunda artery perforator) flap reconstruction. She opted for a revision surgery which included placement of implants behind PAP flaps for increased breast volume.

This 45 year old patient was diagnosed with right breast cancer in 2016. She underwent bilateral nipple sparing mastectomies and tissue expander placement. Six months later she had her tissue expanders exchanged for implants. Approximately one year later, she underwent bilateral implant exchange for slightly larger implants along with capsulectomies and repositioning to pre-pectoral position.