Natural Breast Augmentation

DIEP Flap Cosmetic Surgery

Natural breast enhancement with DIEP flap cosmetic surgery gives you full, natural looking breasts that last a lifetime and a smaller, flatter stomach. The use of your natural tissue in shaping the breast eliminates the risks associated with breast implants including implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, breast implant illness, and leakage or ruptures over time.

Cosmetic DIEP Flap

After image of a patient who underwent Diep Flap Reconstruction

Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation reshapes the breast and adds breast volume using natural tissue harvested from your abdomen. The resulting effect is naturally larger, artfully sculpted breasts and a smaller, flatter stomach (tummy tuck) due to the tissue harvested for the breast enhancement. DIEP Flap Enhancement preserves your natural tissue where it is placed, meaning the size and shape of your breasts will last a lifetime and won’t be reabsorbed into your body as typically happens with fat transfer breast enhancement. A Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation eliminates risks associated with traditional implant enhancement including: implant rupture, replacement and maintenance, cancer risks, and breast implant illness.

Procedure Overview:

Dr. Potter can complete a bilateral DIEP flap Cosmetic Surgery within 4-6 hours, but times may vary more or less depending on your specific case. Post surgery you will spend two nights in the hospital, but will be able to eat, drink, and walk the evening of your surgery.

Results and Recovery:

Due to having had surgery performed on two sites on your body, it usually takes about a week for soreness associated with daily movements affected by the surgery (sitting, getting out of bed) to subside. Full recovery and the ability to perform strenuous activities can take between 4-8 weeks.

DIEP Flap Breast Augmentation results in a lifetime of fuller, natural looking breasts. Additional follow-up treatments are optional to help minimize scarring with use of laser treatments.

Dr. Potter: DIEP Flap Specialist

Dr. Potter considers DIEP Flap surgery to be her speciality. This highly technical procedure requires specialized training and expertise in microsurgery. Dr. Potter completed special training in microsurgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and has performed over 1,000 DIEP flap surgeries in her career.

A true artist, Dr. Potter brings her visions to life by creating a breast from a blank canvas through this highly technical operation in her reconstruction work. For Cosmetic DIEP Flap Breast Enhancement, your breasts provide the foundation for which Dr. Potter can artistically shape ideal, natural looking breasts for you and your body.