Breast Enhancement

Breast Augmentation SurgeryBreast enhancement, or breast enlargment, clinically known as augmentation mammaplasty, is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. The procedure increases breast size by surgically implanting silicone or saline breast implants. While some women elect to undergo this procedure for purely cosmetic reasons regarding breast symmetry or size, other women seek breast enhancement to soften changes resulting from aging, pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast implants may also be used in surgeries to reconstruct the breast after mastectomy or other injury.


Breast Enhancement typically lasts one to two hours and is performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

There are three common incision sites at which the breast implant can be surgically inserted, none of which leave significant scarring. Dr. Potter will select the optimal incision option depending on implant type and degree of augmentation. The incisions may be made beneath the areola (periareolar incision), at the base of the breast (inframammary incision), or in the armpit (transaxillary incision).

There are two options for breast implant placement: submuscular and submammary. In a submuscular placement, the breast implants are placed beneath the pectoralis muscle in the chest region. This placement allows for a more natural shape and minimizes the risk of capsular contracture. In a submammary or subglandular placement, the breast implant is inserted into a pocket directly behind the breast tissue. Lastly, the incisions are closed with sutures in the breast tissue and skin. Scarring at the incision site will fade significantly with time.

Each breast augmentation procedure is unique and varies according to the patient’s aesthetic goals, medical history, and lifestyle. Dr. Elisabeth Potter will work closely with you to develop a personalized surgical plan that will select the optimal size and shape implants to naturally augment the contours of your body. Breast health history must be meticulously reviewed preceding the surgery, which generally consists of a baseline screening mammogram.

Results and Recovery

Patients normally return home the day of the operation. After breast enhancement surgery, it is common for patients to experience swelling and soreness of the breasts and chest muscles, but these symptoms should resolve within a few weeks. Most patients are advised to resume working in approximately three to four days. Patients may resume light daily activities the day after surgery, but they should avoid strenuous exercise for one month to promote full healing.

Results are immediately visible following the surgery. The patient will wear supportive elastic clothing and gauze dressings to minimize swelling and promote healing. It is advised to wear a support bra continuously for the first one to two weeks following the procedure. Periodic cleansing of incision sites is also necessary throughout the healing process.

More detailed specifics regarding operative time, recovery, risks, benefits and results will be discussed in detail on an individual basis at your consultation to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with your surgical plan.

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