Nipple Tattoos

The following images are from actual patients treated by Dr. Elisabeth Potter.

Diagnosed with left breast cancer, this patient, age 66, underwent a lumpectomy with positive margins. Her next step was a bilateral mastectomy, with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction, after genetic testing revealed a gene mutation making her a higher risk for breast cancer. She followed up with two fat grafting sessions and completed her reconstruction with 3D nipple tattoos.

This patient, age 39, was diagnosed with left breast cancer. She began with a left breast lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy. Because of residual cancer, she proceeded with a second lumpectomy and eventually a bilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction when she continued to show positive margins. Originally a DD cup, she requested to be a C after surgery. She had an initial revision surgery followed by 3D nipple tattoos (After 1). She desired more upper breast volume, so she underwent a second revision surgery that included the placement of small implants under the breast flaps (After 2).

Diagnosed with left breast cancer, this 38 year old patient underwent a bilateral non-nipple sparing mastectomy and tissue expander placement. Her tissue expanders were later exchanged for silicone implants. She completed her reconstruction with 3D nipple tattoos.

Diagnosed with left breast cancer, this patient, age 55, initially opted for a left breast lumpectomy. When pathology demonstrated positive margins for residual cancer, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander placement after chemotherapy. She completed her cancer treatment with left breast radiation therapy and began DIEP flap breast reconstruction. After two minor revision surgeries with fat grafting, she finished reconstruction with 3D nipple tattoos.

This 38 year female, with a history of right breast IDC, underwent a right skin-sparing mastectomy with tissue expander placement. After completing radiation therapy, she underwent a left prophylactic skin-sparing mastectomy, right tissue expander removal, and bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction. She had one revision surgery and underwent nipple tattooing.