Elaine grew up in Austin, Texas, where she has been a nurse for more than half a decade. She has particular expertise in acute care Stepdown ICU and has served as an officer in multiple professional healthcare committees. Prior to becoming a nurse, she graduated with degrees in neuroscience and psychology, was involved in research and taught collegiate microbiology lab courses.

Elaine first discovered her passion for reconstructive surgery when caring for DIEP flap patients during their immediate postoperative period. She especially enjoys how joining Dr. Potter’s team empowered her to be able to support and root for her patients from the initial diagnosis all the way through various stages of breast reconstruction. Elaine believes that delivering excellent care and guiding patients on the path to optimal outcomes is a transformative process that is both an art and a science – especially in terms of ensuring emotional and physical well-being throughout each patient’s unique journey. She treasures how Dr. Potter and her team constantly strive toward making every patient feel confident and beautiful through the process of reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. In fact, she considers it an honor to provide focused attention to detail in order to help meet each patient’s needs and goals. What she takes the most pride in is developing a meaningful, personal connection with every patient, empowering them through any and all challenging health circumstances.

Outside of the clinic and hospital, Elaine is a classically trained concert pianist who can be found playing Beethoven on her violin, hiking local trails, figure skating, doing escape rooms and teaching her Siberian cat to do dog tricks.