Kathryn Hearn

Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Kathy grew up in Austin, Texas. She completed her BBA in Business Management and graduated summa cum laude with honors from Southwest Texas State University. She attained her medical assisting certification through Austin Community College and is a member of American Medical Technologists.

“I consider working in the breast reconstruction field one of the most rewarding positions I have ever had. We see reconstruction patients for years as part of our standard follow-up care, and I truly enjoy building that long-term personal rapport with our patients and strive to bring a personal touch to the patient’s sometimes long and otherwise clinical journey with cancer. Being able to provide options and care, clinically and personally, to all of these inspiring women who have had to fight this battle is the greatest reward and motivation. Elisabeth Potter’s team is a unique and diverse group of women, all with the same goal of touching women’s lives and I find working with our all-female team to be an inspiration. I have gained an amazing group of work ‘sisters’, and we continually push each other to excel in providing extraordinary care. That is what we do. We are proud and motivated to do all that we can. I love my team!”

Outside of working, Kathy enjoys camping, hiking, any sort of animal (cows and dogs are her favorites) and loves a good road trip adventure, whether it is within Texas or exploring other states. She has two grown sons, John and William, who continually make her proud of the young men they have become.