DIEP Flap Reconstruction: Tummy Tuck Benefit

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgery where excess abdominal fat and skin is removed. When the loose extra skin is removed and the tissues beneath the skin are tightened, an abdominoplasty creates a flatter stomach. The extra tissue from the abdomen is ideal for use in breast reconstruction. During the procedure, which is called a DIEP flap, the skin and fat is transplanted to the chest area using an advanced microsurgery technique.

“My patients often tell me that they are thrilled that they decided to have a DIEP Flap reconstruction. They’re excited that their stomach is flatter — and they benefit from that abdominoplasty appearance to their stomach. And they’re thrilled that their breast is their own. Their reconstruction is made of their own tissue, it doesn’t have an implant, and it’s going to last them a lifetime.”
— Dr. Elisabeth Potter

DIEP flap surgeries should only be performed by plastic surgeons who have completed a microsurgical fellowship. Dr. Elisabeth Potter completed her microsurgical fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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