Patient Advocates and Health Care Professionals Call on CMS to Ensure Access to DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction


Monday, April 3rd, 2023

Patient Advocates and Health Care Professionals Call on CMS to Ensure Access to DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joanna Morales ( Dr. Elisabeth Potter (  Patient Advocates and Health Care Professionals Call on CMS to Ensure Access to DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction  WASHINGTON, DC, April 3, 2023 – Advocates for individuals in need of breast reconstruction surgery delivered a letter and petition to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services […]

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Monday, January 30th, 2023

Austin breast surgeon fighting back on a policy that may limit breast cancer coverage – KVUE, January 2023

Source: The way doctors, insurance companies and patients communicate about what surgery the patient is choosing has changed. Author: Dominique Newland Published: 12:43 PM CST January 22, 2023 Updated: 11:51 AM CST January 23, 2023 AUSTIN, Texas — A change in billing codes could limit reconstruction choices for breast cancer patients needing a mastectomy. Because of recent […]

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Monday, January 30th, 2023

Breast cancer recovery options could be affected by a health insurance coding change – CBS Mornings, January 2023

Source: CBS News BY ANNA WERNER WERNERA@CBSNEWS.COM, LEIGH ANN WINICK JANUARY 17, 2023 / 11:42 AM / CBS NEWS When Rita Davis found a small nodule on her right breast, the middle school teacher and her husband, Britt, had no idea that discovery would turn into more than a yearlong fight against aggressive cancer that involved […]

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Monday, January 30th, 2023

Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants – US News, January 2023

Learn more about the safety of breast implants and the difference between saline and silicone implants. Source: US News This article is based on reporting that features expert sources. Saline vs. Silicone Breast Implants In September 2022, the Food and Drug Administration – the government agency that, among other responsibilities, oversees which medicines and medical devices […]

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Monday, January 30th, 2023

Insurance Companies Set To End Coverage for DIEP Flap Surgery –, January 2023

Here’s what you can do to help protect it. Written by Jen Uscher | Reviewed by 2 medical advisers Source: January 20, 2023 An obscure change in medical billing may eliminate health insurance coverage for DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery. The procedure, which has been covered by most commercial health insurance companies since 2007, is not going […]

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

December & January Aesthetic Specials

“What’s on your holiday glow list this year?  Winter is the perfect time for light-based procedures like FotoFacials, Laser Peels or the non-surgical Kybella treatment for a double chin.  During this season we have also included some treats for you in our Secret Santa Bags.  Schedule a consultation to see how we can provide you […]

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Thursday, September 29th, 2022

October and November Aesthetic Specials

“This autumn season, we’ve included packages featuring medical grade treatments that prioritize prevention, proper maintenance and self-love! Plus, we’re including specialized products to help heal and nourish your skin. Schedule a consultation with our team so that we can customize a treatment plan specifically for your needs!” – Dr. Elisabeth Potter   Forever Young FotoFacial […]

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Sunday, July 31st, 2022

August and September Aesthetic Specials

“During August and September we have included heat-friendly specials on Botox, MesoGold Microinfusion Therapy and lip augmentation with staff favorite Vollure dermal filler. Plus, we’re including products to help with summer skin woes. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Book a consultation to customize the best treatment plan for you!”  – Dr. Elisabeth […]

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

June and July Aesthetic Specials

During June and July, we are focusing on two of the most frequently treated areas—the neck and under eye areas. Cosmetic advancements have allowed us the tools to give patients natural results without the need for surgery, with minimal to no downtime. We are offering special pricing on several different modalities to improve the appearance […]

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

April and May Aesthetic Specials

“With Spring finally on its way, we’re offering special pricing on some of our most popular treatments including Body Contouring, Dermal Fillers and a Microneedling and PRP combination. Plus, stock up on EltaMD sunscreens for a special gift with purchase! Whether your goal is to improve your skin health, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, sculpt […]

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Monday, February 7th, 2022

Dr. Potter Featured on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Panel on Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Potter was recently featured in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Panel on Breast Reconstruction. Read on to see Dr. Potter and patient Deborah discuss DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction. Dana Donofree: [00:00:04] Hi and welcome to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Panel on Breast Reconstruction. We’re excited to bring both physicians and patients […]

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

February and March 2022 Aesthetic Specials

“Now is the perfect time to repair damaged skin or try something new. During February and March, we are offering a Botox special, as well as featuring our lip enhancement services. These are the best months to work on your skin with Fotofacials, so be sure to catch our special pricing. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Complimentary consultations are […]

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Monday, November 29th, 2021

December and January 2022 Aesthetic Specials

“What’s on your wishlist this year? Winter is the perfect time for light-based procedures like FotoFacials or to add a holiday glow to your skin with a MesoGold Botox Facial. Back by popular demand, we are offering our secret Santa bags again this year and gift certificates are available for that special someone. I hope […]

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Monday, November 15th, 2021

Caring for Yourself after a Mastectomy or Breast Tissue Expander Placement Surgery

Mastectomy and tissue expander placement surgery can present both physical and emotional difficulties. There are many factors to consider, and managing your pain while caring for your incision, drain, and dressings are important elements of post-surgical care. Use these guidelines as a resource to help inform you on how to best care for your mind […]

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Monday, November 1st, 2021

Denise’s Breast Explant Story: Finally At Home in Her Body

From a young age, Denise McLemore was inundated with images of the so-called “perfect” female figure. She saw images of full-breasted women in magazines and on television, and felt the ever-present societal pressures of having a particular type of body. After she had and breastfed her children, she was left with little breast tissue in […]

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Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

DIEP Flap Surgery: Cari’s Breast Reconstruction Journey

When navigating the journey of life-saving treatments for breast cancer, the option to undergo reconstructive surgery is personal and unique to every individual. Depending on each patient’s circumstances, there are several reconstruction options, including implant-based reconstruction, Aesthetic Flat Closure, or DIEP Flap Reconstruction. With a DIEP Flap Surgery, skin and fat are taken from the […]

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

October and November 2021 Aesthetic Specials

“Say goodbye to summer! Fall’s arrival signals a time to begin to wind down, be thankful and prepare for the coming year. Some of our favorite corrective procedures for the season are included in our specials with FotoFacial RF Microneedling, Chemical Peels, Kybella with a Botox Bonus, Lip Enhancements and Epionce Renewal Products” – Dr. Elisabeth Potter […]

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Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Breast Cancer Journey Resources

The saying, “it takes a village,” applies to many aspects of life and a breast cancer diagnosis is no exception. In a moment where time may seem to simultaneously stand still and speed up all at once, the greatest thing a patient can do when ready is assemble their “village,” or treatment team. This may […]

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

August and September 2021 Aesthetic Specials

“We made it through July, but the summer sunshine is here to stay! Treat the effects of the heat with a Botox special for excessive underarm sweating, 20% off ZO® Skin Health products and an exclusive end-of-summer HydraFacial brightening treatment.”  -Dr. Elisabeth Potter  Bye, Fine Lines! Botox: $11/Unit  Did you know that Botox can be […]

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Friday, June 25th, 2021

“Mommy Makeovers” Aren’t Just for Moms: A Decision to Prioritize Your Health and Body

Mary McKeever had given birth to four beautiful children. Her oldest is almost 11 and her youngest is four. She’d been considering reconstructive body surgery, or a “mommy makeover,” to make her feel healthy and strong for several years. While researching plastic surgeons in the Austin, Texas area, she came across Dr. Elisabeth Potter. Through […]

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Aesthetic Flat Closure: One Woman’s Journey

Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is a very personal choice often made in the midst of a life-changing decision for life-saving surgery. This choice is driven by unique and personal experiences. Options may include implant-based reconstruction, DIEP flap reconstruction or a procedure commonly called Aesthetic Flat Closure. These were just some of the decisions Molly […]

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Friday, May 28th, 2021

June and July 2021 Aesthetic Specials

“Who is ready to enjoy summer vacation? During June and July, enjoy specials that will inspire relaxation and rejuvenation! From SkinPen Microneedling Fridays to discounts on high-quality Vitamin C serums, save on ways to embrace summertime self-care.” – Dr. Elisabeth Potter Save $100 Off Body Sculpting Treatments Ready for that summertime body? Give it a […]

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Friday, May 7th, 2021

Risks Associated with Breast Implants: Breast Implant Illness (BII) and BIA-ALCL

Since 2006, breast augmentation has been the top cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Like all surgeries, however, its popularity does not mean that it comes without risk. That’s why it’s important to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon about the risks of breast augmentation and […]

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Thursday, April 1st, 2021

April and May 2021 Aesthetic Specials

“Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to feel your best! During April and May, we have included a special on FotoFacials, HydraFacials, Dermaplaning, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate the under-eye area. Plus, we’ve added a gift with purchase with Juvéderm Injectable Fillers! Not sure which treatment is right for you? Complimentary consultations are available with one of our […]

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

3 Early Detection Tips for Breast Cancer

In honor of National Cancer Prevention month, we’re providing tips on how individuals can better protect themselves in the fight against breast cancer. Next to lung cancer, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in American women¹. While breast cancer cannot be prevented, there are protective factors that women can take to […]

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Thursday, January 28th, 2021

February and March 2021 Aesthetic Specials

Now is the perfect time to fine-tune your body for the coming summer months or try something new. During February and March, we have included a special on body contouring and introduced a new procedure for skin rejuvenation. By popular request, we also added a Botox special! Not sure which treatment is right for you? Complimentary consultations are […]

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Friday, December 18th, 2020

Reflections on 2020

At Dr. Elisabeth Potter’s practice, our patients are always our priority. While this year has been challenging in many ways, it provided an opportunity for us to be even more present and engaged with our patients. If ever there was a time to prioritize self-care, 2020 was it and we are honored to be a […]

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

December 2020 and January 2021 Aesthetic Specials

“‘Tis the season for skin care. This holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to some self-care or treat someone you care about! This winter we have included specials on treatments for hair loss, an aging neck and fine facial lines as well as skin care. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Complimentary consultations […]

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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Q&A with Dr. Elisabeth Potter

Excellence. Empowerment. Education. Patient care. These are the four main pillars that comprise Dr. Potter’s practice and while this year may have been different than any we’ve previously seen, we’re thankful to have remained connected to our patients and to have continued building upon these values. Putting our patients first, Dr. Potter leads by example […]

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Monday, November 16th, 2020

YouTube Live: Meet Dr. Elisabeth Potter

[00:00:22] Hi, I’m Dr. Elisabeth Potter, I am an Austin-based board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in natural breast reconstruction. I am so glad you’ve joined me today. We’re halfway through November, and as I reflect upon the last month and year, I’m so thankful to have been involved in so many patient journeys over the last […]

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Friday, October 30th, 2020

YouTube Live: Debunking Breast Reconstruction Myths for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

[00:00:10] Hi, I’m Dr. Elisabeth Potter, I am a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas, and my specialty is breast reconstruction. As a DIEP flap surgeon, I have the privilege of being able to help women on their journey to reconstruction feel more confident and whole in their skin. In honor of Breast Reconstruction […]

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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Where Does Breast Reconstruction Fit In Your Journey?

Navigating breast cancer or a genetic predisposition to it can be overwhelming. Empowering women to remain the captains of their own ships, my goal as a plastic surgeon is to provide advanced breast reconstruction options that make them feel confident and whole in their skin. Depending on a patient’s unique circumstance, preference and in consultation […]

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Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Fall 2020 Specials

“I love Fall! It’s the perfect time to refine your skincare plans in response to the change of seasons. I’m personally looking forward to a Fotofacial! This month we have included specials on Cosmetic Fillers, Treatments and Skin Care products tailor-made to correspond with the season. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Complimentary consultations are available […]

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Monday, September 28th, 2020

Is Natural Breast Reconstruction Right For You?

When I was training, I very vividly remember being taught by an older plastic surgeon that the goal for breast reconstruction was for a woman to appear symmetrical and balanced in clothing, and that out of clothing “all bets were off.” This statement immediately struck me as unsatisfying, and I aimed to set a different […]

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Friday, May 29th, 2020

June 2020 Specials

We are pleased to let you know the office is open with enhanced safety protocols to keep patients and staff safe. June Specials Botox-Filler Special – Purchase one syringe of Filler and receive 20 units of Botox ($260 value). Axilla Hyperhidrosis Treatment – Try this FDA-cleared Botox service for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating […]

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Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Safety Protocols During COVID-19

Our practice has adopted a number of safety protocols during this period of COVID-19 for the safety of our patients and staff. In the video below, Geysha Sotero, Medical Assistant at Elisabeth Potter, MD,  discusses a few of our office safety protocols to keep patients, staff, and the community safe.   Dr. Elisabeth Potter provides […]

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Friday, May 1st, 2020

Updated Guidance on Breast Surgery and Breast Reconstruction During COVID-19

Dr. Elisabeth Potter and Dr. Julie Sprunt sat down with to discuss the recent considerations and updated guidelines released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Breast Surgeons, respectively. In this podcast, Drs. Potter and Sprunt explain how these new considerations and guidelines apply to breast cancer and breast reconstruction […]

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Skin Care Consultations and Epionce Products Available

Are you missing your favorite Epionce skin care products? We are working remotely like many of you, but that is no reason to run out of your favorite skin care products. We’ve partnered with Epionce to make ordering skin care products a breeze. Order online or by phone and receive a complimentary sample and free […]

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Monday, April 6th, 2020

Breast Surgery and Reconstruction During COVID-19

  Dr. Elisabeth Potter, board certified plastic surgeon, and Dr. Julie Sprunt, board certified breast surgeon, discuss new surgical guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic on a Podcast. Many women are confused and concerned about what breast procedures are elective and what procedures should be delayed.  In this podcast, Drs. Potter and Sprunt […]

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

A Message from Dr. Potter on COVID-19

I have been thinking about all of our patients and wanted to touch base with you.  If you’ve been our patient, you’ve heard our philosophy – we don’t always control what happens to us, but we control our response.  We are proud to be part of your response to breast cancer, and we want you […]

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Friday, February 28th, 2020

March 2020 Specials

“If you invest in beauty it will remain with you for all the days of your life.“ – Frank Lloyd Wright Save $400 on Filler package. Buy two Juvederm Voluma fillers plus one Juvederm Vollure filler for $2000. $25 off HydraFacial. Enjoy a rejuvenating HydraFacial with Samantha, our HydraFacial expert. $25 off any Chemical Peel. Get ready […]

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Friday, January 31st, 2020

February 2020 Specials

    “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear” – Marilyn Monroe Juvederm Lip Filler – $100 off per syringe on any Juvederm filler for lips. MicroLaserPeel – Purchase a MicroLaser Peel for the face, receive a complimentary neck treatment.  This superficial resurfacing is catered to those looking to improve the appearance […]

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Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

January 2020 Specials

Ring in the New Year with our rejuvenating specials! January Specials Botox – $11/unit – Minimum 20 units Fotofacial – 20% off to start 2020 Epionce Products – Purchase any Epionce Renewal Face or Body product and receive a 1 oz. Epionce Enriched Firming Mask Microneedling Lunch and Learn Wednesday, January 22 from 11 am-1 […]

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Sunday, December 1st, 2019

December Specials

Receive 15% off with Austin Pets Alive donation Join us in supporting Austin Pets Alive, and receive 15% off your aesthetic treatment and products. Simply purchase an item from Austin Pets Alive’s Amazon Wish List, show us your receipt (printed or on mobile device), and you’ll receive a 15% discount. APA is an extraordinary animal […]

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Thursday, October 31st, 2019

November Specials

Start your holiday season with great skin. Donate to Austin Pets Alive and receive a special bonus. Receive 15% off with a donation to Austin Pets Alive The holidays are a time for giving. This month, when you support our furry friends at Austin Pets Alive, we’ll give you 15% off an aesthetic service and/or […]

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Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Thoughts on Today Show about BIA-ALCL

Recently, the FDA issued a statement concerning the agency’s efforts “to protect women’s health and enhance safety information available to patients considering breast implants.” As an advocate for women’s health and empowerment, I urge women to engage in conversations with their physicians concerning implant safety, so I’m particularly pleased that the FDA recommends that breast […]

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Monday, September 30th, 2019

October Specials

The best Halloween makeup is no makeup at all. During the month of October, we’ll take the summer off of your skin with specials on Fotofacial, microneedling, HydraFacial and Epionce skin care products. 20% off Fotofacial Fall is the perfect time to address summer skin damage. Treat brown spots and sun exposure and/or address rosacea, […]

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Sunday, September 8th, 2019

You Are So Much Braver and Stronger Than You Know

Andrea’s Story A cancer diagnosis brings with it what I call “so much more”. So much more time spent in doctor’s offices, MRI machines, corners of your closet crying so no one sees how scared you are. So much more time on the phone with insurance companies, staring in your mirror wondering who you are […]

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Saturday, August 31st, 2019

September Specials

How old you are is your business. How young you look is ours. Microneedling Boost your microneedling treatment with a complimentary chemical peel when you receive a SkinPen microneedling service. Dissipate acne scars, improve texture and tone, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with microneedling. Accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process with a chemical peel. […]

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Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

More Than Pink Podcast

Becoming Whole Again with Dr. Elisabeth Potter Breast reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Elisabeth Potter, was recently featured on an episode of More Than Pink, a local podcast by Susan G. Komen, where she shared her plastic surgery experience with DIEP flap breast reconstruction techniques. Using a patient’s own tissue to produce a natural and aesthetically pleasing […]

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

August Specials

Wrinkled is not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up. $10/unit Botox Enjoy low pricing on one of our most popular injectable procedures. Botox effectively minimizes fine lines and wrinkles – between the eyebrows, on the forehead and crows feet. It can even be used to contour the jaw and […]

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Saturday, June 29th, 2019

July Specials

Achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance with Juvederm fillers, protect your skin with EltaMD sunscreen, treat excessive sweating with Botox and refresh your skin with HydraFacial. All are included in our July Specials. Juvederm Fillers Buy 2 syringes of Juvederm Voluma and/or Vollure and get one complimentary syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus. Juvederm, a non-surgical […]

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Friday, May 31st, 2019

June Specials

We’ve put together some summer specials including a filler event, savings on HydraFacial and an excessive sweating treatment as well as discounts on our favorite skin care products. Filler Event June 19, 2019  9am – 4pm Buy one syringe of filler and get one syringe 50% off. Includes 1 ml syringes of Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm […]

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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

May Specials for You and Mom

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day? We’re debuting our much anticipated HydraFacial just in time to celebrate the important women in your life. With Elisabeth Potter MD gift certificates available, now’s the perfect time to surprise Mom. Coupled with these Mother’s Day specials, you’ll add even more value to an already […]

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Sunday, April 7th, 2019

A Note from Dr. Potter on BIA-ALCL

Textured Breast Implants and BIA-ALCL A number of reports have recently hit the news circuit regarding the safety of breast implants and an increasing number of breast  implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) cases. With an initial 64 incidences, the FDA first identified the connection between breast implants and BIA-ALCL in 2011. The FDA has […]

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Keep Austin Beautiful Botox Sale

Spring is in full swing, and so are our April cosmetic specials. You’ll enjoy extraordinary savings on Botox, laser hair removal and EltaMD sunscreen this month. And we’ve got more great news. Announcing the launch of our patient referral program – the more you refer, the more you earn! To kick off the start of […]

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Thursday, February 28th, 2019

March Cosmetic Specials

Spring cosmetic specials have arrived, and you’ll love the way we’ll make you feel! We’ve loaded our March specials with lots of ways to save on great treatments designed to awaken tired skin, repair sun damage, protect your complexion and more. Look your very best with us.   Complimentary VISIA Complexion Analysis With VISIA, cutting […]

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Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Refresh, Reboot and Renew Your Skin with February Cosmetic Specials

February is here, and that means it’s time to repair your skin. We often joke that Austin has two seasons – hot and cold. In these diverse climates, our skin really takes a beating. Combat chapped, dry winter skin with our nourishing Epionce products. Repair last summer’s skin damage with Fotofacial cosmetic procedures. Or mix […]

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Monday, December 31st, 2018

Celebrate the New Year with January Specials

Ready to achieve your 2019 cosmetic goals? Now is the perfect time to begin your skin care journey with January’s Botox, Fotofacial and Epionce specials. Have you noticed new wrinkles and fine lines forming? Tired of sun damage? Bothered by rosacea or want to improve the texture and quality of your problematic skin? Begin 2019 […]

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Monday, November 12th, 2018

Vinnie Myers Team Offers Nipple and Areola Tattooing

You may know the Vinnie Myers Team from the Today Show, YouTube, Facebook and the internet. Recently, we sat down with Paul Bessette and Trent Wyczawski – two members of the infamous foursome – to talk about nipple tattooing, their commitment to helping women face breast cancer and what patients can expect when they reach […]

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Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Love Your Skin Again with our Holiday Cosmetic Specials

Because everyone loves great skin, we’ve packed our seasonal specials with mind-blowing ways to rediscover a confident, younger looking you. Our rejuvenation specials deliver dramatic results.  Right now, take advantage of these super savings and get yourself ready for the upcoming holidays.      Reverse Aging with Our Luxury Hand Treatment The hands give it […]

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

Forever Young FotoFacial: What’s the Buzz About?

“FotoFacial is the real Hollywood anti-aging beauty secret. It is the closest we have come to the fountain of youth. ” – Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D. You’ve probably heard the term Fotofacial®, but what is it exactly and what can it REALLY do for you? Fotofacial, a non-invasive treatment created by well-known dermatologist, Dr. Patrick Bitter […]

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Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Celebrate Our Makeover at Our Open House

October Open House October 4 4-7 pm We love helping you achieve your best self, and now we want you to celebrate our big reveal! Join us October 4, 2018, from 4pm – 7pm at our annual Open House. Enjoy Happy Hour refreshments, visit with our industry representatives and win some great prizes! And the […]

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Friday, August 31st, 2018

Look Your Best with Fall Cosmetic Specials

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, we’ve got one-of-a-kind cosmetic specials during the month of September. Improve your skin, eliminate unwanted hair, get rid of that sagging neck and jawline and/or plump up your pout with one of our incredible lip treatments. Luscious Lip Treatment Buy one Juvederm Ultra Plus, and get one […]

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Monday, July 30th, 2018

August Savings on Botox, Epionce Skin Care and Neck Rejuvenation

You’re probably aware of the injectable trend, and there’s no better time than August to discover how these quick, easy and affordable cosmetic treatments can address your skin care issues without surgery. Noticing fine lines and wrinkles? Sagging features? Injectables – non-surgical alternatives – have become increasingly popular in the US because of their highly […]

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Monday, July 9th, 2018

It’s Summertime, It’s Suncreen Time

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, but don’t forget to protect your skin daily with a quality sunscreen. According to, “Skin cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells. It occurs when unrepaired DNA damage to skin cells (most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from […]

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Friday, June 29th, 2018

July Cosmetic Specials

Celebrate huge savings this month when you take advantage of our July cosmetic specials. If you’ve ever wondered how you can address your aging concerns, this is the perfect month to take advantage of these incredible offers. You don’t have to schedule surgery to see the aesthetic results you long for because we’ve got great […]

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Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Great Ways to Save in June

If you’ve been waiting to take the filler or injectable plunge, you’re already a fan, or you need a special Father’s Day gift idea, here are some great incentives on cosmetic services this month. For a limited time and while supplies last, you can enjoy deep savings on the following services: TWO ways to save […]

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Art Bra Austin 2018

Art Bra Austin – the premiere breast cancer event of the year and the signature fundraiser of the Breast Cancer Resource Center – is right around the corner. We are proud to sponsor such a treasured Austin tradition again. If you’ve never attended, it’s an event to put on your bucket list. You must go […]

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Your Guide to Great Looking Skin on Your Wedding Day

You’ve set the wedding date, chosen the venue, sent the invitations, and planned the reception.  Wait! What about your skin? Avoid saying “Yes To The Stress” when planning your upcoming nuptials by booking your personalized skincare consultation at least 6 months in advance with our aesthetic experts. You don’t need additional breakouts, brides – so […]

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Sunday, April 29th, 2018

May Cosmetic Specials

It’s May, and that means two things – we’re featuring some amazing pre-summer cosmetic offers AND they’ll make great Mother’s Day gift ideas for Mom! Show her how much you love her with one of our special gift certificates – good toward any of our May specials or any combination of procedures we offer. Great […]

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Friday, March 30th, 2018

Beautiful Skin Starts Here – April Specials

Put your best face forward this month with our April specials.  We’re offering deals on Botox, BBL/IPLs AND lasers – everything you need to be summer ready.    BOTOX Day Thursday, April 26, 2018 Yep, that’s right, we’re having our first ever Botox Day! You’ll enjoy our super savings – Botox for just $10 a […]

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Healthy Skin Is Beautiful Skin With Epionce

We’ve added the highly reputable, science-based skin care line, Epionce, to our stellar skin care lineup. You’ll often hear us talk about “The Science of Skin Care” because we understand how critical a good treatment plan and day-to-day skin care regimen is when addressing your cosmetic goals. Research-based and dedicated to skin health, Epionce takes […]

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Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Announcing March Cosmetic Specials

Are you ready to say goodbye to this record cold Austin winter and hello to our Spring cosmetic specials?  When the weather warms in Austin, you’ll want to get off that couch and show off your best self. Whether you’re heading to SXSW, Fashion Week, the Pecan Street Festival, or other upcoming Austin events, you […]

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Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Say Yes To The Dress – By Val Jones

How do you know when you have the best plastic surgeon ever? When she accepts your invitation to be part of your bridal entourage on TLC’s hit show, Say Yes To The Dress! For those of you unfamiliar with SYTTD, it’s a reality show about brides-to-be and their dress shopping experiences at Kleinfeld, a world-famous bridal shop, […]

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Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Introducing Skin Care Products

Your skin is the largest organ of your body – on average, covering about 20 square feet. Are you taking proper care of it? At the very least, if your daily skin routine does not include a basic cleanser, moisturizer or sunscreen, you could be unknowingly speeding up the natural aging process. Just like the impact of […]

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Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery.  What Now?

If you’re familiar with breast cancer, you know firsthand about the host of surgeries and procedures involved in a diagnosis – all of which can, and sometimes do, leave a lasting physical impact. From biopsies to lymph node removal, lumpectomies, mastectomies and reconstruction, breast cancer surgery side effects can be problematic post-surgery for many patients. […]

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Monday, October 9th, 2017

Introducing Peels, Laser Treatments and Skin Care

We’re excited to introduce several new products and services to help address the signs of aging, sun damage, and wrinkles. Peels Renew your complexion by revealing a more youthful, radiant appearance. Chemical peels accelerate skin exfoliation – leaving your  complexion  more uniform and renewed – while diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness. […]

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Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Fall Cosmetic Specials

Are you prepared to “fall” hard for injectables and fillers?  October is here – and so are the much anticipated Fall specials!  Enjoy these savings on our most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. You’ll definitely welcome the cooler weather but still love these HOT deals! Want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles? Now, for a limited […]

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Friday, June 16th, 2017

Natural Breast Reconstruction

In the early days of breast reconstruction, patients were limited to implants. More recently, however, a number of techniques have been developed that involve using the patient’s natural tissue, fat, and even blood vessels to build the new breast(s). These procedures, collectively, are called natural breast reconstruction, and offer a more natural look and feel than […]

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Join Me for Art Bra 2017

“You have breast cancer.” Four words you never hope to hear, and sadly, a reality for countless women (and yes, even men) across the US, and more specifically, in our area.  Up until two decades ago, even in an urban area like Austin, there wasn’t an organization in place to offer help or hope for […]

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Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Breast Reconstruction Surgery—How to Find the Right Doctor

Breast reconstruction surgery offers women a way to rebuild not just their breasts but also their self-esteem and confidence after a diagnosis of breast cancer. This type of surgery consists of a number of procedures from which women can choose, from traditional implants to the newer and more advanced DIEP flap surgery, whereby tissue from […]

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Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Holiday Specials on Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Treat yourself and look your best for the Holiday Season   Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, add youthful volume or remove excess fat under the chin. Take advantage of holiday specials on our most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Holiday Specials Botox:  $10 per unit Juvederm Ultra:  $100 off a treatment Juvederm Ultra Plus: $100 off a […]

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Art Bra Austin is on June 4th, 2016

Art Bra Austin is fast approaching, and it’s with great fondness that I’m reminded of my very first ABA experience a few years ago.  Having practiced just a short time in Austin, I was relatively new to the breast cancer community.  What a warm welcome I received on this empowering, mind-blowing night.  It was definitely […]

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Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, with 1 in 8 women diagnosed in her lifetime. A good defense is crucial, and comes most easily in the form of knowledge. Being aware of the preliminary signs and symptoms is your best strategy for detecting breast cancer early. Breast Cancer Awareness Month lasts throughout […]

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Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Dr. Potter is a proud sponsor of Art Bra Austin

On June 6th, art, fashion and the mystic of masquerade will meet on a 30 foot runway for a truly unique and theatrical event. This annual art and design competition features some of Austin’s most talented artists, designers and jewelers. Submissions are daring and inspired original works of wearable art. To add to the fun, […]

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction: The Power of Online Community

  One of the most important aspects of undergoing any type of surgery is piece of mind.  This can come in many shapes and forms. Of course, any surgery under consideration should be well researched, and the doctor you choose should be carefully selected.  In particular, some of the more complex surgeries, such as DIEP […]

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Monday, January 5th, 2015

Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction Surgery- Patient Testimonial: Linda W.

Linda W. shares how Dr. Potter’s specialized Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction Surgery provides real value in the restoration of one’s mental & physical well-being. This is an encouraging testament, especially for those facing similar circumstances. Commonly performed for cosmetic reasons, fat grafting is another powerful and natural method of breast reconstruction. During fat grafting breast […]

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Organizing Support When Undergoing Breast Reconstruction

  As you are preparing for your breast reconstruction surgery, you will often times hear friends and family offer to help during your recovery. You might hear something to the effect of, “Let me know if you need anything.” People sincerely want to be helpful, but they usually don’t know exactly how to help and […]

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Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Watch: Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day Recap!

Watch Dr. Potter describe the events of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day! Take a look at the events of BRA Day at Seton and get ready for next year! We’d like to thank everyone that was involved with the special day and all those who participated. Your support goes a long way!

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Featured on NBC KXAN

For the many women that battle breast cancer, the recovery process can be just as major of a phase as the treatment. Survivors look to breast reconstruction to fully become themselves again. For a more natural, less invasive procedure, DIEP Flap is an ideal option. Fifty-one year-old Anita Arnet tells KXAN about her experience with […]

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Dr. Potter Speaks About Breast Reconstruction at Halftime of Texas State Game

During last Saturday’s Texas State win versus Idaho, Dr. Potter stopped by KTSW 89.9 at halftime to spread the word about breast reconstruction for breast cancer survivors. Dr. Potter gives advice to those who may have just been diagnosed with breast cancer by making sure you talk to those you trust and to your plastic […]

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Friday, October 10th, 2014

Dr. Potter Joins Good Day Austin for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Potter is proud to have been featured on FOX’s Good Day Austin to talk about the importance of breast reconstruction for women who have gone through breast cancer treatment. It is important to talk to a plastic surgeon early on in breast cancer diagnosis to properly plan around options. She also spoke about Breast […]

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Cherie Matthews Wins TWIB Award for Breast Cancer Post-Op Shirt

We’d like to congratulate Cherie Matthews for earning this year’s Woman Philanthropist Award as a part of the Texas Women in Business Awards. She has created a shirt that allows those recovering from breast cancer to be comfortable, yet fashionable. It gives those who have survived the battle against cancer to feel feminine and upbeat […]

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act: Breast Reconstruction Insurance

After a diagnosis of breast cancer, a woman may need to have all or part of her breast removed as part of her treatment. When all of the breast is removed, this procedure is called a mastectomy. When part of the breast is removed, it is called a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. The Women’s Health […]

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Breast Lift Surgeries Outpacing Breast Implant Surgeries 2-1

Mastopexy Surgeries on the Rise Breast augmentation is still the most often performed cosmetic plastic surgery each year in the United States. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 290,224 breast augmentation surgeries in the year 2013. However, mastopexy surgeries (breast lift surgeries) have grown by 70% since 2000, growing at twice […]

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Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Rise of Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction

A recent article in BioNews Texas stated that “the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are reporting that plastic surgeries are on the rise with a 3 percent rise for cosmetic procedures, and a 2 percent rise for reconstructive procedures over the last year.” According to UT Southwestern plastic surgeons, this increase may be a […]

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