Facing a Double Mastectomy – A Story by Allison Mack

You probably remember Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy making headlines in 2013.  When genetic testing revealed she had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer, Jolie took matters into her own hands and scheduled her potential life-saving surgery. In an op-ed piece appearing in the New York Times, and written by Jolie, herself, she states, “I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer.”  Jolie went on to receive breast reconstruction, saying she felt empowered after making a decision that in no way diminished her femininity.

Four years later, prophylactic mastectomies continue to rise, and recently, when faced with similar genetic testing, this Austin mom adopted the same proactive approach. Meet Austin Moms Blog co-founder, Allison Mack, and learn what prompted her to seek the same surgery.  Better yet, find out how she’s helping others learn more about the importance of screening and genetic testing, and stay tuned as she begins the breast reconstruction process. Click below to read Allison’s story.

Facing a Double Mastectomy by Allison Mack

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